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Antracotypia (Resinotype) is very old alternative photographic technique invented by Rodolfo Namias (1867-1938), who adapted and enhanced the well known powder process (Garner and Salmon 1958). Every photographer slightly modify the process and so do I. 

Basic principle is based on ability of gelatin (when sensitized by kalcium dichromate or the other sensitizer and exposed to UV light) to selectively absorb pigment according to how much was exposed to UV light.

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  • $350.00

    Antracotypia on plastic board covered by metal leaves. Original pigment print.

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    Antracotypia (Resinotype) on Silver metal leaves. Image has the brilliant and unique silver look with very dark pigment black. Overall tonality is very unique and vary depending on observers view. Comes together with certificate of Authenticity signed by author. Material: gelatin pigment print on plastic board.

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    This alternative photographic technique is based on old photographic process called Anthracotypia (Resinotype)I slightly modified the technique by my own way, but still creating such image is very time consuming process. It takes 7- days approximatelly to finish such photo. 

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