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As you can probably tell, I’m extremely passionate about Surreal and story telling photography. I love the creative freedom, the storytelling, the logistical challenges, and all the hard work that goes into producing really good contemporary conceptual photography. I’ve even developed my own home-built camera especially for shooting large format conceptual photos.

Conceptual photography process

Conceptual Photography Process

Let me describe the process of creation: After the visualisation, which is the the most important of the photographic process for me, I draw small drawing to my sketchbook and after that I am looking for the best place to take a shot, spending a lot of time creating decoration and finally, on the right place, composing everything together. Result is 3-6 images from my Bronson 80Mpx camera (the name Bronson is coming up from two words : Zenza Bronica (lenses) + Sony camera which I am using as digital camera back)

All these images is photo merged in one big image, converted to black and white and hand coloured. I consider colouring as a very important because it's giving the image the final mood. For each conceptual photograph I use very few basic colors in muted form. Three, four colors applied on black and white image represent colour in a muted or altered format resulting in alack of vibrance and brightness.

I have learned that in every scene should be presented visually attractive and eye-catching story for the viewer. It is also world of brilliant and vivid colors sometimes hidden in twilight, often contrasting and mostly unrealistic. This unreality thing is what attracts me on photographing the most.

All images listed below are printed on archival semigloss fine art paper with longevity minimum 50 years. Comes with 5 cm white border and Certificate of Authenticity with edition number, signed by author in front.
Shipped carefully protected and insured against damage and lost (rolled in the tube)

You can find my conceptual artworks also in major online art galleries such us My Conceptual Photography in Saatchi online gallery 

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