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Fine Art Photography Prints

Fine art, Coneptual, or, if you prefer, wall art photography is a great way to take home an original work of art at a price that will not ruin you. Whether you choose from art photographs of nature or fine art portraits, you always have a guarantee that along with the photograph you get a little story, compacted to one moment - a personal statement of the author, whose main intended mission is not only to revive the walls of your rooms, but mainly to bring a little humor and joy.

Photography art prints crafting

Fotografická dekorace pro uměleckou fotografii   Dekorace pro fotografii Ztracený námořník Dekorace pro fotografii - Zvířátka už tu snámi nechtějí být

It may not look like it, but every photograph has a relatively long preparation before it is taken. I usually need to make some props, from small skis to a boat, a lifeboat, or a rocket, find a suitable spot and wait for a suitable light.

Then all that remains is to photograph the scene in black and white, edit and digitally colorize. You may notice that the photographs have muted colors. This is because I use only a few colors during coloring process.

Fine Art photography Prints

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