David Heger - Conceptual photography

David Heger is self-taught conceptual photographer who draw his visions from his experience in puppet animation studio where he act as second camera man under supervision of Miloslav Spala, the famous Jan Svankmajer's cameraman. David use for photographing his home build analogue-digital camera.   

Muted Photography – Essay by Estelle Penny:

… His work is very cloudy in tone lacking vibrancy, but this is what makes it so remarkable. Heger manages to create a warm feel of nostalgia in this image, which would not be true had he not muted the color. I think Heger has a strong attraction to the idea of narrative and storytelling, which is deeply prominent in his photography. He uses color muting to create a more atmospheric feeling and exaggerated colors and clouds in the sky play a major part in idealistic mood. Heger’s work is my favorite out of all of the photographers I’ve studied for this essay. I really appreciate the subtlety of his pictures, because although often simple, they are incredibly in depth, and powerful for the viewer. Because of this he manages to incorporate muted color fabulously within his style of photography, as it creates mood, feeling and texture almost within his photographs.