Surreal & Alternative Processes Photographer

David Heger

Alternative Process Photography Prints over silver.

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Silver Edition Prints

Discover the beauty and originality of 100% hand-made alternative photography prints.

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Alternative Photography

Photography Projects

Alternative Photography

Photography prints made by unique historic photography process. Very original look and 3-dimensional effect.

Conceptual Photography

Muted Colour photography

Playful images with the small stories. That’s Conceptual photography for me.


Portrait Photography

Muted colour portraits from „Smudged“ serie. Taken as B&W images and digitally colorized .


Landscape Photography

Inspired by pittoresque hilly landscape where I live. I am obsessed to display the unseen.. sound, light, waves…


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My name is David Heger
and I am is self-taught photographer from Czech Republic who is now passionate about the alternative photography. I draw inspiration from my experience in a puppet animation studio, where I worked as a prop maker and later on as a camera operator. My first experience with puppet animation was the puppet horror “Lady Bug” by Longin Wdowiak, later TV series for kids “Doings of the Hippopotamus Family” and “One Night in the City” both directed by Jan Balej. I love to create my own small photography props and combine them with real, natural scenery. Recent time I am obsessed with alternative photography, especially with Resinotype. Also I often experimenting with metallic image background and different pigment colors.