How to make Resinotype – Alternative Photography Process

In following video I can show you how do I make very rare and old Alternative Photography called Antracotipia (Resinotype)

Technique is based on fact that gelatin sensitized with sensitizer, after exposing in UV light is selectively hardened and become more or less sticky for applied pigment. Every photographer modify the process by its own way, so do I.

I love using metal leaves (originally used for gilding and interior design) as a background of the image because It gives to the image very unique appearance especially in lights. On the other hand Antracotipia (Resinotype) has very deep and significant blacks depending on pigment used. Combination of both is very special 3-dimensional image with unique appearance.

In this particular video as a background a pure silver is used.

Would you like to make your own Resinotype take a look to my Alternative Photography Youtube Channel