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David Heger is a photographer who gets his inspiration from his time working as a second cameraman at a puppet animation studio under the supervision of Miloslav Spala, the famed Jan Svankmajer’s cameraman. The beauty of the Czech environment, as well as the works of Frantiek Drtikol and Jan Saudek, have affected his work.

He is able to evoke a pleasant sense of nostalgia in his photos, which would not be the case if the color was not muted. He also employs color muting to produce a more atmospheric sense, and the exaggerated colors and clouds in the sky in this image contribute significantly to the idealistic tone.


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East-West London Art Award 2018
East-West London Art Award 2017
Fomunity Photographic Contest “Musica”
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About Me

ZUKO combines the classic knowledge of traditional portraiture with an innovative and contemporary style.


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How to make Resinotype – Alternative Photography Process

In following video I can show you how do I make very rare and old Alternative Photography called Antracotipia (Resinotype)Technique is based on fact that gelatin sensitized with sensitizer, after exposing in UV light is selectively hardened and become more or less sticky for applied pigment. Every photographer modify the process by its own way, …

Surrealism Photography

What is Surrealism Photography? A quick overview of Surrealism in Photography

East West Art Award London 2017

Thanks to this photo Old Man and the Whale, I have got the honour to join the art award ceremony for the finalist in London. No big chance for me because I was among the 26 finalists but fortunately I was awarded by 3rd place:) Photo editing before and after… Drag the slider to see …

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