Convert your digital memories into historic masterpieces - Ambrotypes


Step back in time with us and experience the magic of our exclusive service - converting digital photographs into authentic photo images through an antique photographic process known as Ambrotype (wet collodion process). We will transform your digital memories into unique historical works of art.

The Ambrotype method is not just a technique, it is a journey back to a time when photography was magical and capturing a singular moment in time was a craft mastered only by a select few.

Every image you entrust to us goes through a meticulous process that not only preserves the details and mood of the photograph, but also brings out the unmistakable charm of mid-19th century photography. Each photo image created becomes a unique fusion of modern digital technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Let your memories enter a world where every detail has a story to tell, and each photo becomes an original work of art. With our Ambro service, we bring not only photographs, but stories, atmosphere and the authenticity of the past into your home.


How is an Ambrotype produced? Take a peek into the alchemical handmade process.

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to order?


Select a suitable digital photo and upload it to the product page.

How to choose the right photo?


Go through the ordering process, select your shipping type and payment method.


We will check the photo.

We will chemically develop, frame, package and send it to you.

You can then just hang the picture on the wall.

How to choose the right photo?

Which photos look best in Ambrotype?

Take a look at some of the following examples to get an idea of what the final photo will look like.


Anything with a strong texture and nice light looks good in Ambrotype.

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Who wouldn't want to have a stylish photo of their favourite dog, cat or horse at home?

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photos of children

Photographs of children have a distinctive look in Ambrotype.
From every angle, the image looks a bit different due to the way the light reflects off the thin layer of silver.

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Let us create corporate portraits of your employees, company directors, or the founder of your firm that are both elegant and exclusive.

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Wedding photography and people in general are ideal subjects for Ambrotypes.
After all, in the mid-1800's this process was primarily used for portrait photography.

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Some general advice when choosing a photo

The blurrier the background, the better

Photographers, at the time this technique was developed, used lenses with extremely shallow depth of field.

In practice, this meant that only the eyes and mouth were in focus in a portrait, for example, while everything else was out of focus.

To make your photo look as true to life as possible, it is a good idea to follow this principle.

The higher the image resolution, the better

Although the resulting format of the image on the glass plate is only 25x25cm, the image is printed on the negative (positive) at a resolution of 600 dpi. So, if you supply a 4000x4000 pixel photo, it's fine. 

If the resolution is smaller, we will have to enlarge the image and the sharpness may not be ideal.


"I have known David for several years and he has never ceased to fascinate me. When he immerses himself in something, it's a treat to watch him do it. The enthusiasm, passion and energy that he exudes when creating, you could weigh by the pound. Add to that the precision with which he works, and the result is usually a stunning piece of work, no matter what his field of interest. Furthermore, all this is  informed by the natural modesty that frames his work. His work is a cocktail you just have to like after tasting - as I do :-)."
Martin Z

frequently asked questions

I want to order multiple photos at once. What can I do?

Unfortunately, the software does not allow you to upload multiple photos for one product at the same time. Therefore, add multiple products to your cart and upload one photo for each.

Are there any minimum requirements for photographs? What is the minimum resolution?

The better quality photo you deliver, the sharper the result. The minimum for printing a square photo is: 3000 x 3000 pixels.

How to take care of my ambrotype photo? Can I wipe the glass?

Yes, no problem. The photo is made on the back of the glass, so you can safely clean the front with common household cleaning products.

What's so special about an ambrotype photo?

Ambrotype is a technique requiring considerable skill, infinite patience and at least a basic knowledge of photochemical processes.

It is 100% handmade, with small inaccuracies that affect the final form of the photograph. It can be said that each piece is an original that cannot be exactly replicated.

The photo is not perfect. The edges are frayed and do not reach to the edge.

Yes, it is. Photography is not, and cannot be, perfect by the very principle of its creation. It is handmade, where perfection is not 100% possible and ultimately not desirable.

One of the main features of Ambrotype is precisely the small mistakes and imperfections. If you want a perfect photograph, go to any photo shop and have your photo printed.

What about the durability of the photo?

Portrait photographs from the 1860's have survived to this day in almost unaltered form. Perhaps that is why Ambrotype got its name. Ambrosios is the Greek word for immortal or divine.


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